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Tony Nese says Triple H originally wanted WWE 205 Live to have win/loss records and yearly tournament

JJ Williams (@JJWilliamsWON on Twitter)

JJ Williams (@JJWilliamsWON on Twitter)

Former WWE star Tony Nese was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet to talk about his time in WWE, signing with AEW, 205 Live, and a lot more.

Here are some highlights:

Tony Neese talking about signing with AEW:

“I got invited to go (to AEW). They were like, ‘Hey, we are in Orlando and we know you’re in Orlando.’ I’m like, yea, absolutely. I had been there before during my 90 day non-compete just to hang out with my friends. I have tons of friends and people I have travelled with in that company. Everyone was super cool and super nice with me, and I think they liked me. But then they invited me to Orlando, and it was literally 10 minutes before they went live on the air. I got pulled aside and they were like, ‘Hey, would you be cool to sit out in the crowd and we just keep showing you on camera?’ I’m like, ‘Yea, sure, TV time. I’ll take it.’ So I just sat there. At first I was like, is the house low? Then he explained it to me and I’m like, that’s awesome. From there we got to discussing things, and it was super cool how they treated me off the bat and brought me in as a star. I am so appreciative of that.”

Neese was asked who his dream opponents are in AEW:

“I mean there are obvious ones. You look at CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, and Kenny Omega. But I can’t wait to get back in the ring with Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Ethan Page, these are guys I have wrestled on the independents. We hit it off there and our chemistry was amazing. I can’t wait to be able to have those matches we had in front of 100 people, but now in front of thousands. But it’s an open field. One week I could be wrestling an extra, but the next it could be CM Punk.”

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Neese speculated what Triple H wanted 205 Live to be as a wrestling show:

“We would always say that we were in this wrestling purgatory. Even though I was there, when it comes to the company’s decisions, I’m on the outside looking in. This is all speculation, but it seemed like they had an idea for the show. It was Triple H’s idea, it was his baby. He wanted the show to have a yearly tournament, win/loss records, all that stuff. He wanted it to have a different feel. As soon as it was announced that the cruiserweights would be a part of RAW, that was where Vince was like, ‘No, it’s my show now.’ All that other stuff went out the window. We even joked about it. We said, ‘This is RAW lite.’ We got our backs against the wall after all the stars competed . So Vince had control, but after a while, he was like, I’m done playing with this toy. He gave it back to Triple H, who was like, you’re Vince’s boys now. You are tainted to me. This is my speculation, but it feels like Triple H didn’t care about it either. We were in this limbo of the show, it had to be booked, but they were just like, whatever, put whatever on and just move on. No matter how much we would fight, they were just like, have a good match and that’s it.”

Neese talking about what he wants his character to be:

“So the premiere athlete is still going to be who I am and what I represent. But I do want it to be a little bit more of a serious thing rather than, ‘Hey, look at my abs.’ I love being booed and flexing, but at the same time, I switched up my look to where I am wearing more branded stuff. In WWE, I was just trying to pop by getting gear that just looked good. I wore a jacket because they told me I needed something up top. They said, ‘You should wear something, but don’t cover up anything.’ For one show, I wore a He-Man type thing, but nobody thought it looked cool. Vince said, ‘Is he wearing a bra out there?’ Straight after I heard that, I threw it into the garbage. But now, I think this is getting old and it doesn’t represent me. I want to be taken more seriously. I want to be my own brand. That’s the attitude I’m going in with. I still will be kissing my biceps and flexing though.”

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