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Tony Schiavone on hearing WCW’s done, says he called Vince McMahon

When WWE bought out WCW it was a very unpredictable time in pro wrestling. Many employees of WCW didn’t know what they would do next. On a recent episode of What Happened When Mondays with Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson, the former voice of WCW discussed when he first found out WCW was done and all of the uncertainty he had surrounding the ordeal.

“I thought ‘I don’t think Eric [Bischoff] can put this together'” Tony Schiavone said. “I would have gone with Eric, I would have worked with him, worked for the new company obviously because I had a great living. But the uncertainty of Turner Broadcasting — I don’t know when it happened as far as [the Greed PPV] is concerned but I got a call and (Shiavone’s wife) Lois can confirmed when this happened because she was with me. I got a call at the house from the guy who was our standards and practices guy: Galin. And he told me that Turner had decided they do not want to carry WCW anymore.”

“And when I got that call that told me it was done. So I had confidence that Eric would be able to do something with the company but I wasn’t sure where we were gonna end up television-wise. I knew we had clearances, syndicated clearances which obviously didn’t mean anything anymore […] But when I got that phone call — and I don’t know when it was in relation to [the Greed PPV], I knew the end was near.”

“So I had made calls and even called Vince [McMahon] that night and talked to him and knew it was over. So I was pretty upset because number one: I had put my heart and soul in this company and the company was doing exactly what I had foreseen when I arrived back out of the WWE in 1990 and that the company had gone t-ts up.”

“So I was pretty upset, but I thought that I could move on with Eric but further than that — there were rumors that it was going to get bought by WWE — which is what happened. I wasn’t sure I was able to go back to WWE. Lois said: ‘listen we’re not going to live back in Connecticut.'”

“And I said: ‘okay.'”

“She says: ‘there’s plenty of opportunities for you around here.'”

“And I said: ‘well you know if they [WWE does] buy it and they do want me I’m gonna work for them and if it takes me going up there and living and getting enough money to finally bring you up […] and you coming up later with the kids, then that’s what we’ll do.’ Of course, that never transpired.”

Tony went on to say with all the unanswered questions surrounding the situation it wasn’t a good time for him or the rest of the Schiavone household. But in the end even if the Schiavone household didn’t go back with Vince McMahon, they were able to make it work out for the best.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit What Happened When Mondays with a H/T to WrestlingNewsCo for the transcription

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