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Tony Schiavone on his relationship with Macho Man Randy Savage



Macho Man Randy Savage was a larger than life character but he was still a very real human being. On a recent episode of What Happened When With Tony Schiavone, the former voice of WCW went into Randy Savage's year of 1995 in WCW.

During the show Tony was asked about his relationship with the former World Champion and Schiavone told a rather interesting story about a time he had to speak up for not only Savage, but Hogan and Kevin Sullivan as well.

"Savage got involved with booking some things when it came to his matches" Schiavone explained. "He came to the office many times. I talked about this with Ric Flair, when you have wrestlers involved in booking their own angles or involved in a big round table discussion of wrestling angles you are not always going to get the attention of these wrestlers that you need."

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"There was a situation one time and this is one of my favorite memories of Randy Savage and me. I'm thinking this was probably '96, could be '95. We were all in the office and Savage was there and Hogan was there, Kevin Sullivan was there. I'm not so sure Jimmy Hart was there or not but I was brought in cause I was kinda working between the booking committee and production. And they had a question about a certain angle that they wanted to do and they had to have Bischoff tell them something, answer a question of theirs."

"All of these big guys like Hogan and Sullivan and all these guys and the Macho Man Randy Savage in this room and they were all like 'well [Bischoff's] got his office door closed, we can't go in there.' And I remember going back to my office and come back and said, 'guys have you made a decision yet?' And I remember Savage saying to me, 'Bischoff's still in his office he's been in there for an hour and we're kinda waiting on him.' I said 'hang on a second.' I went and pounded on Eric's door and Eric said 'what?!' Somebody was in there, I opened the door and I said, 'I hate to interrupt you but these guys have been waiting an hour for you to make a decision, would you go in there and talk to them?' And Bischoff walks in, they get it done just like that, and Savage looks at me and says: 'I like you -- I like you, you get sh-t done!'"

"And I'm thinking, 'you guys are big motherf-ckers, you know? You can go in and get sh-t done without a little fat boy like me getting sh-t done.' So Randy and I always had a pretty good relationship as far as the office is concerned after that little episode we had behind the scenes. But I always liked Randy Savage, the Randy Savage from the WWE all the way through the Randy Savage of WCW."

This little story has many gems of information. But most importantly you'd be surprised who you can impress if you just show a little bit of initiative and help someone out.

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