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Tony Schiavone on the time Ole Anderson destroyed a jobber for no-selling

MLW Radio, YouTube

MLW Radio, YouTube

One of the easiest ways to get a crowd behind a guy is for him to win and this is why enhancement talent has been a part of pro wrestling since the beginning.

But sometimes things don't work out the way they're planned. On a recent episode of What Happened When, Tony Schiavone spoke about the enhancement talent back in the day that helped the 4 Horsemen get over and he shared one story about an unlucky kid who paid the price for not doing his job correctly.

"Enhancement talent was great, the 'job guys' if you will -- we've used the word jabronis, we've used the word job guys, enhancement talent is -- I don't know why you're politically correct by using that term but they were talented guys who if they were good like a George South, during a match if you give him some moves, if you give him something to do, if you make him look strong then when you beat him, you've beaten somebody and you look better."

After explaining how great enhancement talent usually was, Tony Schiavone told a story about one particular young wrestler who didn't do the job correctly and paid for it dearly.

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"They brought these kids in, I'm not so sure they were amateur wrestlers or what they were. But there was a beat down going on and the kid was not going to sell. They tagged in somebody, Ole's partner -- I'm not so sure who Ole's partner was at that time. But the kid tagged in and the kid just jumped over the top rope and would not sell for Ole. And we all could see this developing that this kid wasn't going to sell for Ole. And there was a pause in the match -- almost as if time stood still and Ole looked over toward us at the set and turned to the kid and headbutted him."

Ole knocked this kid stupid with a brutal headbutt and as Schiavone continued to tell the story about the jobber who rubbed one of the 4 Horsemen the wrong way things got very interesting.

"It was a shooting headbutt and Ole, because of many blade jobs being done back then -- his forehead exploded with blood. And he just completely beat the kid's ass. Arn Anderson was at the [commentary] desk with us and because of all the blood Turner [Broadcasting] didn't wanna show that on Saturday Night and they put the match in a little box and just focused on me and Arn Anderson at the desk. And I remember the shot of Arn Anderson looking and he said: 'this is real life, this is horrifying.' And Ole did a promo after that and put a towel over his head because his face was covered with blood and it was a damn good shooting interview."

"We did hundred of thousands of those matches as you know, but that one match stands out because Ole Anderson all of a sudden -- the match was real. And this young kid who wanted to step up and show himself against one of the Horsemen... I guess good for him because it's a great memory but it just shows you what happens when a guy doesn't want to work. So that's one I remember, the kid really got his ass beat and it started with a stiff headbutt and there was blood everywhere."

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