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Top Dolla says he's still under contract for WWE's Most Wanted Treasures, plans to return for season 2



On this week's "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling" podcast, AJ Francis (formerly WWE's "Top Dolla") talked about his role on WWE's Most Wanted Treasures series on the A&E Network.

AJ explaining how he got his role on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures:

"Same thing with anywhere in the world. It's who you know. I went to high school with a guy named Tommy Williamson, who's a very good friend of mine. He's an actor in Hollywood. He's been on 'The Fosters' and many other projects as well. He's a good brother. He was talking to Kate, who is an associate producer of the show."

"The pandemic had just started and they're looking for a host for the show, and they can't bring people in to interview them. They just got to pick somebody. They're coming up with ideas, like who can be the host? They just happened to be talking one night, and she talks about this new show she's done with WWE and he's like, 'Yo, you should check out my boy. He just signed with WWE. He's hosted television shows for 10 years already’ because I did," Francis said.

"That was another big thing a lot of wrestling fans didn't know. They thought I got the gig because I came from the NFL when actually I got the gig because I had experience hosting television shows for a decade at that point by the time they started. I was hosting TV shows and doing analyst work on CBS and NBC and even going as far back as University of Maryland, closed circuit TV a decade ago. Kate checked out my social media and she loved me."

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"So she pitched me to the production team and they pitched me to the network. WWE actually didn't want me to get the gig. They actually were actively trying to not have me be the host because I hadn't been on TV yet, but the network and the production team was like, 'No, we want him. He's good', and clearly, I showed that I was worth my weight, so it was a good call by them.

AJ said he is still under contract for WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures:

"I'm still under contract. It's a completely different contract. I thought it was dumb. I said, 'Why do you make me sign a different contract? You should just be adding to my WWE money.' They were like, 'No, we need a different contract.' Well, now thankfully, I have one," he laughed.

On if he is doing Season 2 of WWE’s Most Hidden Treasures:

“I mean, I'm planning on doing it. Nobody called me and told me that my contract is being paid out. So I'm planning on doing season two and season three. But you know, like I said, business is business. We got to figure that out.”

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