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Top NXT star attends AEW party, WWE contract set to expire soon



WWE could lose one of their top stars on the NXT brand in a few months.

NXT Champion Adam Cole's contract is set to expire sometime this Summer. I believe his deal is up in August or early September.

Cole was in Jacksonville, Florida on Monday for AEW's Memorial Day party along with his girlfriend Britt Baker, The Young Bucks, SCU and others. That should not come as a surprise since he was also at AEW New Year's party and he is friends with many people in the company.

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Once his contract is up, you can expect him to get offers from WWE to stay but I have no doubt that he will get an offer from AEW. In fact, last week on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Baker seemed to hint that Cole could be reunited with his family in AEW in the very near future.

Baker said the following:

"It’s all one huge giant family. I hope there is a day in the future, in the near future, where Adam Cole can be in the ring with The Young Bucks and Kenny and Cody and it will come full circle and we can all be one giant happy family again."