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Top WWE NXT star has backstage heat with the locker room

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Matt Riddle has tons of talent and some people in WWE think he could be a big star when he gets to the main roster but it doesn't look like he's making friends with the locker room.

Riddle posted a video on Twitter and noted that none of his co-workers like him and therefore he was unable to get a ride to work.

He referenced the "pieces of trash and hags" that work with him. He sarcastically said that the people that work with him couldn't give him a ride because their cars are filled with so much talent. He ended by saying, "I hate you all, you're garbage."

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Riddle's Twitter account is never dull. He previously went after Goldberg and has been trying to run his own angle to get a match with Brock Lesnar. Riddle noted that he ran into Goldberg while backstage at SummerSlam. Click here to find out what went down between Riddle and Goldberg.

It looks like he's also rubbing his peers the wrong way as well. Check out the clip below and click here for more backstage WWE news.