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Top WWE star bleeds in the main event of the Smackdown taping

The main event of this week's Smackdown ended with an angle where Daniel Bryan is hit with Bad News Barrett's bull hammer. The move caused Bryan to bleed and Sheamus (who was booked to wrestle Bryan in the main event) smeared Bryan's blood across his chest. I don't know this for sure but the reports from the show did not make it seem like it was accidental blood.

WWE has had a no blood policy since they decided to become a PG product a few years ago. WWE claimed this week that Brock Lesnar did not blade in his match at WrestleMania and the blood happened by accident even though there was an animated gif that appeared to show the referee handing a blade to Roman Reigns.

It will be interesting to see how much of the segment with Barrett, Sheamus, and Bryan airs tomorrow.

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