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A top WWE star appears to be returning very soon.

PWInsider reports that Becky Lynch was backstage at Monday Night Raw in St. Paul, Minnesota. When a wrestler is backstage a few weeks or months after an injury, it's usually a sign that they are close to returning or they wouldn't be traveling on the road with the rest of the crew.

Lynch has been out of action since separating her shoulder during her match with Bianca Belair at SummerSlam in July and the word going around at the time was that she would be out for "several months." PWInsider reported that she is coming "closer and closer" to returning.

Also as was noted on Thursday, Lynch debuted a new look this week. Click here to see a recent photo of her. Also worth noting is that she will be back as a babyface after turning following her SummerSlam match and she has a feud waiting for her against Bayley's Damage CTRL stable.

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