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Top WWE star put in a neck brace and stretcher at the Smackdown tapings (SPOILER)

Dean Ambrose was stretchered out at the Smackdown tapings in Oklahoma City. We are assuming that it’s an angle but WWE rarely does stretcher angles these days so there’s always a chance that it could be a legitimate injury.

Ambrose was scheduled to wrestle Rusev in a non-title match in the main event but the match never took place. Instead, Wyatt attacked Ambrose on the stage and beat him down with a steel chair and steel steps. Afterwards, the WWE trainers came out to check out Ambrose before putting him in a neck brace and the stretcher.

I would lean towards this just being a storyline stretcher job. WWE has wanted to do more big angles on Smackdown so this could just be part of their new directive.

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