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Top WWE star was deemed less valuable for not getting vaccinated



In an update on the WWE releases story, Dave Meltzer said that nobody in the company was outright told that they would lose their jobs if they didn't get vaccinated.

However, Meltzer said that people were "very much" encouraged to get vaccinated and one top wrestler who was not vaccinated was told that not getting vaccinated would make he/her less valuable to the company because they would not be able to go on overseas tours due to vaccination requirements.

The New York Post reported that Nia Jax was among the names not vaccinated and that is the reason why she was released. Jax later went on Instagram and stated that she was never given the choice to get vaccinated and it was something that was never brought up to her. Jax said that she was on a mental health break and when she was due to return, she was given the schedule for the UK tour but she asked to take more time off.

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Jax stated that she did not hear anything else from the company until the day when she was released. While it was not outright stated to the wrestlers, the recent releases have to be seen as the company sending a message to the current talent that they should get vaccinated or risk being on the next list of cuts.