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Top WWE star will be taking time off soon



It looks like Randy Orton will be taking more time off during the next couple of months. The advertisements for the next few months of shows have been released and Orton is taking a considerable amount of time off in January. He will be working mostly on televised shows.

He will be off almost every show after February 6th until the post-WrestleMania Smackdown tapings. He will likely appear on the TV shows leading up to WrestleMania but don't expect to see him listed on too many non-televised shows until April.

Orton's contract is similar to Shawn Michaels old schedule that gives him extended time off while still appearing on most of the TV shows. Orton has said publicly that he sees himself wrestling at least for another 10 years if his body holds up. If he continues with this current schedule then I don't see him retiring anytime soon. Quite frankly, he's earned the right to work a lighter schedule.

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