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Top WWE Superstar reaching the end of his career



Big Show, 44, was recently doing ambassador work for WWE in Shanghai, China. When talking to the Shanghai press, he noted that his career is towards the end. He is working on a part-time schedule.

I don't know this for a fact but next year's WrestleMania with Shaquille O'Neal could be his last one as an active performer. WWE had tried to get that match signed years ago but the plans fell through.

Show was originally signed to a 10-year deal in February 1999 after his run with WCW and has always been a "go to" guy whenever they needed someone to step in as a heel or babyface to help get someone over. The one problem with Big Show is the way he was booked. He could have been a bigger deal if he wasn't jobbed out so much and if they were more consistent with his storylines. I don't think there's been anyone that has turned face/heel as much as he has.

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Show also told the media in Shanghai that he is looking forward to spending more time with his family.