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Torrie Wilson comments on Brett Kavanaugh situation, Kevin Nash responds



Last week, former WWE star Torrie Wilson took to Twitter and issued out a cryptic Tweet. It turns out, Wilson's Tweet was relating to the current situation going on in Washington surrounding Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is United States President Donald Trump's nominee to join the Supreme Court. His confirmation process has been delayed due to some last-second sexual assault allegations against the judge.

Kavanaugh, currently in his 50s, is being accused by a woman from his high school days of sexually assaulting her with a friend. However, the FBI could not corroborate the claims, for the incident that allegedly happened in the 1980s. Last week, Wilson Tweeted out "This s--t show is seriously making me sad for our world."

Yesterday, she then Tweeted out "I pray to God that we don't end up living in a world where an accusation with zero proof becomes a sentence of guilt. Creating hell for women who've been brutalized to be ignored & making it way too easy to ruin a persons' life with an accusation."

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This prompted a response from WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash, who said "I pray we don't become a society that if it comes down to he said she said .That the female gets a rape kit done so DNA is what is used in this matter. Women can't rape men. So women need to stop letting these crimes continue. Scentific evedence is the snswer."

Check out the full exchange here: