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E! Network likely not renewing Total Bellas

Reality television has been a big success for The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie Bella) in addition to their work in WWE. After the successfully launch and several seasons of “Total Divas,” the E! Network launched “Total Bellas” in 2016 that chronicled the lives of the WWE Hall of Famers.

The Bella Twins did an interview with ET Online where they stated that they would be saying goodbye to the show in the near future because they don’t want their kids to grow up in front of cameras on reality TV.

Brie stated, “Both Nicole and I always say, we have to respect our families and at any time where our families feel like it’s time for them to be done, then we have to think about that too. So we feel like we might have a little bit in us, but we also have to really just fill it out with our families.”

Nikki noted, “I can maybe do a few more seasons of reality TV, but I just can’t raise my son in front of the cameras.” She continued by stating that she doesn’t want her son to feel like she never gave him a chance to make a decision whether he grew up in a normal life or as a celebrity.

Brie noted that her husband, Daniel Bryan, can’t film too much because he goes a little crazy with it as he likes his own space and when he gets to a certain point, he’ll shut down.

Nikki stated that she’s very protective of her son and even thought whether having cameras in the hospital for the birth of her son or having his first bath being filmed was the right thing to do.

“Though I could tell those moments for me, I want to live them through my eyes and not through the screen. So I just, I could feel that it’ll definitely be sooner than later.” They both agreed that time will probably come “in a few more years or less.”

Dave Meltzer talked about this during today’s Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer started out by stating, “It looks like it’s done.” He then recapped what was said in the interview done by the WWE stars.

“What I had heard was E! also had not committed to picking the show up [for another season]. So it all works out…the show isn’t officially done, but all signs lead to it probably being done. I could pretty much say that people had thought that was a factor whatever Bryan Danielson was going to do and it’s not a factor. That show is a non-factor because I think they pretty much knew the show was going to be over for a while. This isn’t…they said it for the first time publicly today. I don’t want to say it’s 100% known for a couple of months, but pretty much I think it was known after the last season.”

Meltzer stated that having the last season about their pregnancies and the birth of their children so close together is a great reality TV story that could be it for the series.Bryan has yet to make a decision about his wrestling future after his WWE contract expired. 

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