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Total Divas spoilers for next season; another WWE Diva moves into John Cena's mansion

This Sunday's Total Divas will be up against the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. It's the "mid-season" finale. The show will feature the wedding ceremony of Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle. For those that don't watch the show, he is a regular on the show. They were secretly married already without her parents knowing but this time they will do a proper ceremony with her father walking her down the aisle. Weddings do big numbers so they could do a better than average number for the season.

As noted this week, the season picks up again on January 4th with Paige and Alicia Fox added to the cast. Paige comes from a wrestling family so they could probably use them on the show. Fox will be playing something like the eccentric role that she played for a brief time on WWE TV. Her role on Total Divas also saves her from being let go. There's a lot of women on the show this coming season so we'll see if Vince changes his rule about women on the show being able to win the Divas title or if they just keep it on AJ. They could bring Charlotte up and have her feud with AJ. The Wrestling Observer reports that the idea for next season, besides having the old Total Divas women feuding with the new group, is for them to also focus on Natalya's split up of her marriage. There will be an episode where she moved into John Cena. Then she finds out that Cena is allergic to cats but Natalya can't let her cats go. Also, Cena breaks up with Nikki Bella due to a secret conversation that Brie told Cena. When Nikki finds out then that causes the breakup of Brie and Nikki on the show. Also, Brie considers retirement and starting a family.

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