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Tough Enough contestant Amanda accuses Sara Lee of being a “ring rat” (updated)

UPDATE: This photo of Sara and Mojo Rawley was sent in to us:

If Sara lied about hanging out with NXT Superstars then that is her choice. It’s really no ones businesss. We wouldn’t be writing about this if it hadn’t been made public on the WWE Network. If a male contestant was hanging out with one of the Divas then would he be considered a “ring rat?” Probably not.

ORIGINAL: On Tuesday night’s episode of Tough Enough, the two remaining women were exempt from being eliminated from the show because the show is set up so that the finale features two women and two men. This meant that the three remaining male contestants were at the mercy of the fan vote and both remaining women were safe this week. Tanner was the person with the fewest votes this week so he is going home.

After the show, Amanda and Sara Lee went back and forth on the Tough Talk post-show on the WWE Network. By the way, Tough Talk is oftentimes more entertaining than Tough Enough. Amanda was grilled about her attitude but she claimed that she was just playing a character. It seems that Amanda knows that Sara has the popularity vote so she wants to get across to fans that she is really a nice person and fans should vote for her.

At one point Amanda was asked what she thought was annoying about Sara. Amanda said that she finds it annoying that Sara plays the role of “girl next door” but she knows that when the cameras are off that Sara is a “ring rat.” The implication being that Sara is hooking up with males in the Tough Enough house or some of the NXT wrestlers. Sara says that Amanda was lying and that Amanda was just saying that so she could get in her head. Paige tried to get Amanda to elaborate more before Miz cut them off.

The judges were also very hard on ZZ for not showing any progress on his cardio. It will be interesting to see who wins because ZZ does not seem to be the fan favorite anymore. Josh got more fan votes than ZZ this week.

Amanda posted the following tweet that includes a tweet (it has been deleted) from a Fergal Devitt fan account:

The tweet from the fan account apparently claimed that Sara gave sexual favors to NXT wrestlers. It should be noted that none of this can be proved since it’s not being confirmed by any of the names being mentioned.

You can check out Tuesday night’s edition of Tough Talk below:

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