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Tough Enough contestant disputes that her troubling past kept WWE from signing her

WWE / USA Network

WWE / USA Network

Tough Enough contestant Gabi Castrovinci disputed Dave Meltzer's claim that she hasn't been signed by WWE because they found out something very troubling about her past. It should be noted that Meltzer has sources high up in WWE and he double and triple sources his stories so his track record is better than anyone when it comes to breaking stories.

"Dave Meltzer has been causing defamation of character & discrimination toward me. All I can say is that the reason WWE hasn't hired me yet isn't because of my "past life," she states. "The WWE will fairly decide who to give a contract. But if you want to continue to defame or tear me down... I am sad for you..."

In addition to the two winners (Josh Brendl and Sara Lee), several people from this year's Tough Enough have been signed including Daria Berenato, Patrick Clark, Zamariah Loupe (ZZ), Amanda Saccomanno (Mandy), and Mada Abdelhamid.

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