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Triple H addresses HBK-NXT reports, Kota Ibushi, CWC and more - NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II conference call



Triple H took questions as part of the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II media conference call. Triple H noted that it's an exciting time for the industry because of the brand extension and that the main roster moves have opened up opportunities. He also said that he's excited about NXT returning to New York and he's excited about the Cruiserweight division coming to Raw.

Hunter said that there will be another Performance Center All-Access for fans on 11/14.

Here are some of the highlights from the Q&A:

- Hunter said that Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan bring something different to the product (Cruiserweight Classic) as far as the presentation. He said that the cruiserweight competitors will be working both NXT and Raw events and he wants them to be able to keep doing what they do best.

- Hunter considers Brooklyn the WretleMania of NXT but it will be interesting to see where things go.

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- When asked about running NXT shows in Spain, Hunter said that they are willing to go anywhere and they will be announcing an Australian tour soon. Hunter says that NXT is a global brand now.

- Hunter expects big things from Alexander Wolfe.

- Dave Meltzer asked about Kota Ibushi saying that he wants to work both in NXT and Japan. Ibushi told the Japanese media this week that he turned down a full-time deal with WWE. Hunter pointed out that they brought in Jushin Liger last year for a show so they are open to doing different things but he wants the cruiserweights to be exclusive to WWE.

- When asked about the Takeover broadcast team for Saturday, Hunter said that they are working on that and that things are constantly changing. He said that he is happy for Corey Graves and they are trying to work out what is best for NXT.

- Hunter was asked about the differences between NXT and Raw. He said that 50/50 booking happens on a three-hour show like Raw but on NXT he can book more by feel in NXT and he listens to the audience and thinks about what he would want to see as a fan. He said that there is no right or wrong between Raw and NXT and they are just different flavors.

- Regarding reports about Shawn Michaels moving to the Performance Center, Hunter said that he and Shawn have talked about things and Shawn is in the process of deciding on whether he wants to make the move. He said that he hasn't talked to Shawn in a couple of days but the NXT brand has reinvigorated him. He said it would be great if Shawn decides - whether it's full-time or part-time. Hunter said that it's up in the air right now but he will be giddy if Shawn comes in.

- We wrote here on that the talk was that the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic would be crowned as the Cruiserweight Champion. Hunter said that everyone will just have to wait and see on that.