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Triple H and Chyna attend Roddy Piper’s funeral, Vince McMahon doesn’t attend

Roddy Piper’s funeral took place on Tuesday was attended by many former and current WWE, according to Ric Flair’s podcast. Flair did a call-in version of his podcast since he was in Portland for Piper’s funeral.

Names that were there include Triple H, Bret Hart, Brian Knobbs, Michael Hayes, Chyna, and Chael Sonnen. Dave Meltzer had some notes from the funeral as well. Triple H and Chyna were in the same room for about an hour and never spoke. That’s not surprising since there is heat on her from the WWE side. She has been trying to get back into their good graces and she’s also been pushing the idea of getting into the WWE Hall of Fame. Apparently, Chyna was scheduled to be on Roddy’s podcast and Roddy had been supportive of her trying to get her act together.

Vince McMahon was not at the funeral. He might have been in Orlando for Tough Enough. There will be another service for Piper at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles on Monday.

Update: According to former WWE star Sean Waltman, they did speak after she rushed Triple H trying to apologize to him for saying in the past that he hit her back when they were together. See down below:

She may have met him a few times & you’re exactly right.She bum rushed Hunter & said ‘Sorry for Everthing!” Pathetic

Update 3: Several people at the funeral said that nothing happened. For clarification on what exactly happened at the funeral and after the funeral click here.


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