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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon standing up for Divas behind the scenes

– Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are reportedly big proponents of changing the way women are featured on WWE TV. Stephanie has seen how the UFC has used their women and how much praise they’ve received from it, especially because of how well they’ve used Ronda Rousey. She wants the same for WWE.

However, they are still going up against Vince McMahon and his beliefs in how to push the Divas. Vince’s vision on how WWE uses the women on TV is what you are seeing on WWE TV.

– In other news, Vince McMahon’s current state of mind on bringing in talents that have worked in other organizations is that they don’t want to bring in guys who have been on national cable television of late.

ROH is okay because it’s not national cable. TNA is not considered okay, even though Destination America isn’t in that many more homes than ROH. We’ll see what happens when Samoa Joe moves up to the main roster but he was brought into NXT on Wednesday night and was pushed strong in his debut.

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