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Triple H and Ted DiBiase remember Dusty Rhodes



It's hard to believe it's been two years since The Dream died. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes was a pro wrestling legend and enjoying a new chapter in his iconic career as he helped mold the future stars of WWE at the Performance Center in Orlando. There were so many superstars who were directly influenced by Dusty Rhodes that it is impossible to list.

People like Enzo and Big Cass give Dusty Rhodes direct credit for much of their microphone ability. Enzo says he and Cass would stay up late on nights before The Dream's promo class in order to come up with as much material as they could. Dusty Rhodes pushed people to be better and with his influence he was very successful in his job as a coach, trainer, mentor, wrestling sage, and friend.

But all of that came to an end two years ago and the wrestling world was shocked. Before Money In The Bank 2015 the entire WWE locker room including Vince McMahon gathered in front of a massive image of Dusty Rhodes for a 10-bell salute. It was a sad night for everyone including Paige who went on to dedicate her Divas's Championship match against Nikki Bella to her fallen teacher. Of course Paige would end up losing that match due to some Twin Magic, but we're going to pretend Dusty would have wanted it that way.

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The hole Dusty Rhodes left in NXT was impossible to fill but they have carried on the best they could. Many stars on WWE's main roster owe their success to the words of wisdom The American Dream gave them and his legacy will continue for generations to come. The sad fact is it's impossible to guess how many other superstars lost out on amazing guidance due to Dusty's passing.

On the two-year anniversary of losing Dusty Rhodes, Triple H sent out a tweet that didn't need any words. He simply sent out a picture of Dusty Rhodes holding the NXT Title. Rhodes was so proud of the work he was doing in the WWE Performance Center as he educated the superstars of tomorrow. Ted DiBiase was just one of the many people who sent out a tweet remembering The American Dream as well.

We still miss you Dusty. Because of you we will never stop being funky like a monkey. Thank you again for everything.