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Triple H asked about Donald Trump potentially returning to WWE

Triple H recently spoke with CNBC about various topics including president-elect Donald Trump. Back in 2007, WWE did a storyline that saw Trump pick Bobby Lashley to take on Umaga, who was represented by Vince McMahon, at WrestleMania 23. The stipulation of the match was that the losing representative would have his head shaved. Umaga lost the match and McMahon had his head shaved bald.

During the interview, Triple H was asked about Trump potentially returning to WWE to face McMahon in a match. Although he did not give an answer, he did say "Wouldn't that be something, see who gets their head shaved.”

He was asked about Trump being US President, he noted that WWE would be waiting with the rest of the world to see what a Trump presidency means for the country. He noted that his mother in law, Linda McMahon has been chosen as head of Small Business Administration and that the family is honored by her being asked to be in that position. He believes that she'll do a phenomenal job because WWE started out as a tiny little company in the northeast of the U.S. and has grown to a global brand. He thinks that her experience with that will help her in her new position.

He added that WWE has done a lot with Trump over the years and that he has been a great supporter of WWE. “We've had events at his building, he's been a participant at Wrestlemania … it's great to see him have the success he is having."

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