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Triple H comments on recent WWE release requests


During the NXT TakeOver: WarGames conference call, Triple H was asked about the recent release requests from some of their wrestlers.

He said that some of the guys who have asked to be let go are out there "getting clicks" and says that whenever there is a problem, he goes directly to the talent and not on Twitter.

Tripel H said he wants the talent to talk to management and not go to social media with their issues. He added, "It's a maturity issue and not how you handle it. You handle your business like a professional."

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So, there you have his statement on the matter. There is still no word on if people like Mike Kanellis, Luke Harper, Sin Cara, and others will be granted their early release. In Harper's case, he will be free to leave in a few months when his contract expires. Others have years left on their deals and are stuck until the company decides otherwise.

As written about over the last few days, there has been a push in WWE to allow unhappy wrestlers to leave. However, others (likely Vince McMahon) do not want to grant releases. Dave Meltzer wrote last week that there could be some releases coming for wrestlers who WWE feels won't be signed by AEW or won't make a difference in AEW.