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Triple H confirms that Vince McMahon has no creative input in NXT

During today’s media conference call, Triple H confirmed that Vince McMahon does not have any creative input in NXT.

Triple H said that Vince does have a different way of presenting women on his main roster, but Vince does let him book his product (NXT) his way. He could, of course, overrule him at any time, but that has not happened up until this point.

Triple H would continue by saying that Vince was in attendance for the last NXT Takeover special, but only watched the show. Triple H explained that this is hard for Vince because he likes to put his fingerprints on it.

Triple H would also say that Vince liked the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn show and was looking forward to Bayley vs. Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Respect.

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We’ll update this page with the audio of this conference call when it becomes available.