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Triple H discusses NXT, Bray Wyatt, and Summer Rae

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Triple H discusses NXT, Bray Wyatt, and Summer Rae

This week’s guest on Talk Is Jericho is none other than The Game himself Triple H, and the episode is loaded with tantalizing details regarding NXT and the products of developmental territory.

One of the reasons Triple H wanted to introduce something like NXT is because there aren’t many places to wrestle nowadays, meaning there also aren’t really ways to train people. Their former developmental program was also unappealing and in the middle of nowhere. The idea behind NXT was to create something more robust and with better incentives. Hunter also noted that because of how much experience and training NXT can give, they expect a lot out of its wrestlers. The way he described it was essentially as a golden opportunity that only the talent can waste.

Following that the two discussed Bray Wyatt, with Triple H stating that Bray came up with the character on his own. Those down at NXT helped further flesh out the character, but the idea was all Bray. Triple H also told a story about the vignettes they showed before The Wyatt Family debuted, and how Vince enjoyed the first one they made so much that they chose to air it the same night he saw it.

Summer Rae was also brought up, as backstage at WrestleMania Hunter asked her if she was still nervous, to which she said that after a while she had an epiphany that the only difference is that the building is bigger. The structure, ramp, camera angles, and more are all the same as it would be performing at Full Sail University. This complement stuck with Hunter because the primary goal of NXT is to get new talent ready for television while doing so in an environment that can mimic the feeling. Essentially, that complement is proof that NXT works.

You can listen to the full podcast here.


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