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Triple H explains why he thinks Ronda Rousey decided to come to WWE

Earlier this year, WWE signed one of the hottest stars in sports history. Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey signed a full-time deal with the professional wrestling juggernaut, and hasn’t looked back since. Rousey is a regular fixture on Monday Night Raw, and works house shows with WWE as well. Upon signing with the company, Rousey dispelled any notions of working a part-time deal, despite having more than enough star power to do so, and she wasn’t lying.

For a rookie inside the ring, Rousey has certainly crushed fans’ expectations and has delivered some solid matches. She’s gearing up to main event the first-ever all-female pay-per-view in WWE history this weekend. Rousey will defend her Raw Women’s Title against Nikki Bella to headline the show. Recently, WWE COO Triple H was interviewed by ESPN to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

“The Game” was asked why he thinks Rousey opted to come to WWE. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t want to oversell the social changes, but Ronda said, “I feel the WWE is the biggest platform in the world for me to affect change.” It’s one of the first things she said to me. She wants to inspire young girls and young people and show them that you can do anything, and she said there is no bigger platform in the world for me to do that with than with you guys.

“[She said] with UFC, I got so far, but the bigger platform is this because I can go on talk shows, I can do entertainment stuff with WWE, I can do every single entertainment and sport aspect of it and reach the world on a global basis. We go everywhere. That’s a game changer.”

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