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Triple H fought for a more traditional WarGames cage but Vince McMahon overruled him

As Triple H noted on Wednesday’s NXT Takeover: WarGames conference call, the WarGames cage on Saturday night will not have a lid on it. He explained that they wanted to tweak the match to adjust to the current wrestling style. If you are upset because WWE is not being true to the original WarGames concept then the person to blame here is not Triple H. On Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez pointed out that it was Vince McMahon’s call to remove the roof off of the double cage.

Alvarez said, “Vince didn’t want a roof. He was adamant about it. Like this was a big topic of conversation in a writers meeting…was a roof on this stupid cage. Every WarGames has had a roof and obviously, Triple H wanted a roof on the cage and Vince said ‘I don’t want a roof’ and Hunter said ‘I want one’ and they went back and forth.” Alvarez continued, “for those of you wondering who’s in charge, still to this day everywhere, it’s Vince McMahon. There’s no roof on this cage. So, if you are up in arms about it, that’s the story behind the roof on the cage.”

Alvarez also pointed out that Triple H had been trying for a long time to bring back the WarGames match.

The rules for Saturday’s WarGames match are as follows:

– A steel cage will surround 2 rings
– One member of each team will start the match. Remaining members will be in separate shark cages by the entrance way until it’s time to enter the match
– After five minutes, remaining members from one team will be allowed to enter the match
– After three-minute period, the remaining members of another team will enter the match
– After another three-minute period, the final team’s members will enter the match
– Once all the teams have entered the match, victory can be attained by pinfall or submission.

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