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Triple H is Right! Chyna has no place in the WWE Hall of Fame!

The other day, I caught up with Triple H’s appearance on Steve Austin’s podcast courtesy of the WWE Network. After I saw Stone Cold’s handling of Vince, I wasn’t expecting too many controversial moments. I thought it was going to be Stone Cold asking soft-shoe questions, disguised as poignant and thought provoking inquiries into the inner-workings of the WWE. I was right, with one very noticeable exception, Stone Cold’s question regarding Joanie Laurer, better known to wrestling fans as Chyna.

When Austin asked Hunter if Chyna should be inducted in the HOF, I was expecting Hunter to do something similar to what Vince did when Stone Cold asked about the Macho Man’s induction. Instead we got a song and a dance about how she’s deserving and how great she is, but says keeping her out is a business decision based upon her questionable past.

Here’s exactly what he said as a justification: “I’ve got an eight-year-old kid, and my eight-year-old kid sees Hall of Fame, and my eight-year-old kid goes on the Internet to look at Chyna. What comes up? And I’m not criticizing anybody. I’m not criticizing lifestyle choices. Everybody has their reasons. I don’t know what they were. I don’t care to know. It’s not a morality thing or anything else. It is just the fact of what it is. That’s a difficult choice.”

So we’re going to leave the truth out of the conversation? We’re not going to talk about the REAL reason Hunter doesn’t want his 8 year old googling Chyna? Don’t worry Hunter! I’ve got you covered. I will say it for you:

You don’t want your kid to know that Daddy used to be with Chyna. You don’t want your 8 year old to know that you and mommy had a relationship at the same time you were living with (and allegedly engaged to) Chyna! You aren’t ready to have that conversation with your kid, are you Hunter? You’re not ready to explain how you ran out one of the greatest performers in WWE history, are you?

Of course we understand that the “Reality Era” is really the PG era, a concept that came about after your Mother-in-Law was catching hell politically by opponents. Before PG, the WWE was known for horrible stereotypes and the constant subjugation of women (I mean even more than what is currently happening on the main roster). This is why you don’t want Chyna in the HOF Hunter, her pornographic past with X-Pac (who ironically keeps showing up on TV and live events) is clearly not BEST FOR BUSINESS.

So what, she’s the only woman to hold the WWE Intercontinental Championship twice! Hunter I know how you feel! Chyna shouldn’t be in the HOF. Chyna was an integral part of DX, which helped to revolutionize professional wrestling, but she shouldn’t be in the HOF! She did porn and unfortunately, we wouldn’t want children to be influenced by someone who had sex on video or was involved in a sex scandal! These are not actions I’d want my eight year old to stumble upon when perusing the web.

Hey Hunter! What about Hulk Hogan? Remember when he was taped by Bubba the Love Sponge having sex with Bubba’s ex wife Heather Clem. Amazingly though, Hogan was re-signed to a legends deal last year, just in time for WM30.

Now I know what you’re thinking Hunter! Hogan “didn’t know” he was being taped when he had sex with another man’s wife. He even had permission from Bubba to bang his wife. That DEFINITELY excuses Hogan from doing the reprehensible act of having sex with a married woman. Of course Hogan is one of the greatest draws in wrestling history so exceptions must be made. It’s not like you can kick out a Hall of Famer after they are in the HOF! I understand Hunter! After all it’s BEST FOR BUSINESS!

Here’s something that I can’t quite understand Hunter! Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger being inducted into the HOF this year? I know he was integral to many great crossover moments in WWE history but in this PG era, if your 8 year old were to Google the Governator, the fact that he slept with his maid may come up. It may also come up that the former Governor of California got the same maid pregnant with his love child. It might also come up that the love child is a week younger than Arnold’s youngest son.

So I understand Hunter that Chyna definitely doesn’t deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame. Your Hypocrisy deserves its own wing.

Dave Anderson is an award winning journalist, author and businessman. He resides in the home of ECW, Philadelphia PA. Follow him on twitter @LikeAHater


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