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Triple H likes fan tweet about WWE's "confusing and pointless storylines" and wrestler health insurance



Several readers sent word that Triple H recently liked a tweet from a fan that points out some of the problems plaguing the main roster WWE shows.

The tweet mentions the excuse Vince McMahon gave on the recent investor's conference call where he cited injuries as the reason why ratings have dropped. What McMahon didn't say is that injuries happen all the time and ratings have declined even after their biggest male star, Roman Reigns, returned in March.

The tweet liked by Triple H reads:

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"@VinceMcMahon maybe the problem with the Raw and SmackDown ratings isn't due to wrestlers injured, it's that you put confusing and pointless storylines. Although it wouldn't hurt if you gave your wrestlers insurance. Just a thought @StephMcMahon @TripleH @WWE"

Was this a mistake or is Triple H subtly letting fans know that he understands the problems in WWE but he doesn't have the power to make changes? The buck stops with Vince McMahon and ratings will continue to drop unless McMahon decides to step down or if he decides that major changes are needed. Some of those changes involve the way the shows are produced but many would argue that the creative and storytelling needs a major overhaul.

Another interesting thing about the liked tweet is that the fan mentioned health insurance for wrestlers and that is not something WWE has seriously considered.

Here is the screenshot showing the tweet that was liked by Triple H: