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Triple H not being honest about CM Punk? WWE steals from The Young Bucks

Bryan Alvarez noted today that he felt that Triple H was largely honest during his interview on the Stone Cold podcast. Perhaps he wasn’t completely honest about everything he said but for the most part he came off as being honest. He noted that he got text messages and emails today from the company about Triple H’s comments and nobody bought anything he said about CM Punk.

There was a lot of fury from the WWE side when CM Punk walked into Vince McMahon’s office and told Vince and Triple H to their face that he didn’t want to be in the WrestleMania main event against Triple H. They were furious over Punk saying that he didn’t need Triple H and Triple should WANT to have a match with him and not the other way around. Stephanie McMahon was said to be furious about it at the time and nobody in the company bought the stuff about Triple H not being mad or bothered by Punk.

Also, people in the company believe that the comment about “booking the Super Bowl” was at least, in part, in response to the photo that was up on yesterday (see below). Underneath the photo was a caption that joked that Triple H booked the ending of the Super Bowl. A screenshot of the F4W website with the photo was making it’s way around WWE all day on Monday so it’s ironic hearing Triple H talk about dirtsheets on the Austin podcast.

Another thing that was talked about within WWE was the talk about Chyna. There are other people that WWE has done business with that have sketchy pasts so his comments on Chyna were interesting.

Also, Alvarez noted that Triple H talked about how hard it is to make it in WWE and it’s the place everyone wants to be. Well, The Young Bucks turned down a WWE offer a few weeks ago. It’s no coincidence that you are seeing a lot of superkicks in WWE now. That used to be a sacred move and saved for special occasions and was a protected move because it was Shawn Michaels trademark. After The Young Bucks turned down the offer then they had The Usos doing multiple superkicks in their matches. Alvarez said that WWE took it a step further and uploaded a “Superkick Party” video on Sunday featuring 37 sick superkicks so they’ve stolen the “Superkick Party” term from The Young Bucks and are are using it online.


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