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Triple H on AEW trying to be different from WWE NXT: “We opened the door for being an alternative”

Yahoo Sports has a great interview up with Triple H and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels talking about the evolution of the WWE NXT brand.

This comes after the news of WWE moving NXT from their streaming service, WWE Network, to the USA Network starting next week. The theory is that with the launch of AEW on TNT starting in October, WWE had to counter-program the rival promotion with their own show on network television.

Triple H noted that he believes that NXT created an alternative for fans five years ago and that they opened the door. AEW officials and talent have said numerous times in the past that they want to be different from WWE.

“If you talk about the upstart, what they’re going out and saying is that they’re an alternative,” HHH said. “We were that alternative five years ago. We opened the door for being an alternative, we opened the door to show people that it can be done on a bigger level and on a different basis. As far as being the alternative, great, go put on the best show you can put out and we’ll put out the best one we can put out.”

For Michaels, who is a coach at the Performance Center and match producer, he thinks they have some of the best talent in the world under the NXT banner.

“I think the NXT roster can go with anybody in the entire world,” Michaels said. “There are a bunch of unbelievable talents. The wrestling business as a whole is in a phenomenal time.

“There’s an abundance of talent out there and I think the world is going to get to see it. I’m sure everybody likes to win, but everybody who has a brain can see that this is great for the business. We want to show what we’ve felt for quite some time and that’s that we have the best talent in the world.”


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