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Triple H on belief that AEW is competition for WWE NXT

Triple H was recently interviewed by Alexa McCarthy of talkSPORT where he talked about the notion of WWE viewing AEW as competition.

He also talked about moving NXT to the USA Network to go head-to-head on Wednesday nights starting in October.

NXT will air on Wednesday nights on the USA Network from 8-1oPM starting on September 18th. The first AEW on TNT show will take place at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC on October 2nd. The show has sold out.

According to Triple H, this move was to put the best talent in the best place to show their talents to WWE’s fanbase. He views it as WWE competing with themselves and not another company.

“To me, people can say what they want, how they want. I don’t approach it like as a competitive thing or it’s anything else, we’re just going to put on our shows. We’re going to put on our shows when we need to put them on, in the best places we need to put them on, in the right timeslots for them and the best talent I can find in the world – and we already have them. I’m confident in that. When I look across the board at NXT in general and NXT in the UK here, we put on show after show of the highest calibre – not one match or two matches, the entire show. So I have no doubt.

For me it’s not competitive against anyone or anything, I just want to put on the best show for the fans of NXT, the fans here in Cardiff tonight, the fans around the world – that’s all this is. It’s funny because a few years ago we were doing this and doing the same kind of thing, wowing people, and there wasn’t competitors out there. So I guess we were just doing it for competitive reasons then? To compete with ourselves?”


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