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Triple H on his relationship with Vince McMahon and working with him

Paul “Triple H” Levesque appeared on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast to promote the upcoming season of Tough Enough. Down below is an excerpt from the interview where HHH talks about  his relationship with Vince McMahon and more.

“Vince is kind of the ultimate filter of creative. I’m more…while I weigh in a lot on that stuff and the content that is going to go on the network and all these things and I weigh in on it from a creative concept, but I’m also approving t-shirt designs and banner designs and going through all of that, the day to day process. It’s a lot of hats. It’s funny, I used to marvel at Vince’s ability when I first started coming into the office. I’ve had a working, kinda behind the scenes relationship with Vince since probably…

“I started in ’95, so early in ’96. I just was always fascinated with the behind the scenes of the business and how it all came together as much as I was doing it in the ring. He and I just kind of clicked in that sense and we started working together. I didn’t meet Steph, his daughter, until quite a few years later, and then we ended up having a relationship and the whole thing. But I had this working relationship with Vince, and as time went on and I got more and more involved in that, kinda later in my career, he used to ask me, ‘when are you going to stop messing around in the ring and come do some real work in the office? You need to be in the office. I need to get you in the office.’

“I used to marvel at how many hats he wore and how quickly he could change them. He’d be talking about a foreign tour and box office receipts or a touring strategy or a marketing strategy for that and two seconds later he’s looking at a t-shirt design and approving colors and then that would go away and now he’s looking at some new talent. It was just so many hats that he wore and it used to amaze me at how quickly he could change gears. And I find myself now having to do that same thing. It’s really cool to see yourself growing that way because I used to think how does he keep this straight? At first, I couldn’t keep that straight and now, you learn it, you adapt to that process.”

This is a fine listen and you can listen to the entire interview here.



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