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Triple H on how USA Network executives reacted to WWE NXT premiere viewership



Triple H gave some insight into the reaction by USA Network executives to the WWE NXT premiere episode viewership. The show averaged 1.179 million viewers. 

That was a good starting number for the show. However, since then, that number has dropped. NXT drew 891,000 viewers while the premiere episode of AEW Dynamite drew 1.409 million. This marked the first week of the head-to-head competition. 

Triple H recently did an interview with TV Insider where he spoke his conversation with USA executive Chris McCumber, President of Entertainment Networks, after the premiere show. 

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“When those ratings came out after the first episode came out, I spoke to Chris McCumber at USA, and they were thrilled beyond what they were hoping for and expecting,” Levesque said. “Now it has becomes what we do, and I want to grow it bigger I learned early in the process of NXT when someone suggested we go to Barclays Center for a TakeOver, and it was the first thing I balked at when it was thrown at me. I was almost resistant to doing it, and it sold out immediately. It made me get to thinking outside the box and thinking bigger than this. I want to this every bit as a brand to where in some manner I want it to be bigger than Raw and SmackDown on a certain level.”