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Triple H on Shawn Michaels’ transition from WWE star to producer

Yahoo Sports has a great interview up with Triple H where he spoke about a wide range of topics. 

During the interview, he talked about the transition that WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels has had as he’s gone from being a WWE star to a producer. 

After retiring from full-time action in 2010, Michaels has set his sights on teaching young wrestlers in the WWE NXT system while being a coach at the WWE Performance Center.

“I think it was important for Shawn to put the business down for a little bit and walk away,” Levesque said. “As he started coming around the PC, it’s hard to come around there and not start to become invigorated by it. It’s like the fountain of youth. The excitement is contagious, and I could see him start to get that bug and his gears started to spin. I let him build at his own pace and now Shawn is probably one of the most engaged people in the product, talent and brand”

“For me it’s probably one of the coolest things of all of this,” Levesque said. “For me to be sitting in gorilla [position] and to see these new stars being born and the two of us next to each other just like it was 1998, it’s the most fun. To do it with him, to see how excited he is, it’s phenomenal and one of the highlights for me over the past couple of years.”


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