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Triple H on Velveteen Dream: "His immaturity in his life presents itself in his professional life"



During the WWE NXT TakeOver 31 Q&A on YouTube, Triple H hyped all of the matches for tonight's show.

When he was talking about KUSHIDA vs. The Velveteen Dream, he acknowledged that Dream has had a "rough year" and he is now "reorganizing himself."

The "rough year" for Dream includes a car accident and allegations that he sent inappropriate photos and texts to young kids. That was not said directly by Triple H but it seemed to be what was implied and his comments were in a way that played into the storyline.

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He said that it feels like KUSHIDA is getting a rub from Dream who has been "coming off a rough year from Velveteen Dream [and] reorganizing himself. Dream is one of those young guys that still hasn't quite found his way yet of who he wants to be and I think sometimes that weighs on him. His immaturity in his life presents itself in his professional life and makes it difficult for him sometimes."

He put over KUSHIDA as a pro and someone who has been humble but Dream has unleashed a KUSHIDA that knows he is good and is tired of not being in the spot he deserves to be.

There has still been no public reason given by WWE on their reasoning behind bringing Dream back after the allegations.