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Triple H opens WWE Performance Center doors to Toys R Us mascot



The WWE Performance Center is a place for the WWE Superstars of tomorrow to share their passion for the pro wrestling business and attend some of the best classes with the finest teachers WWE could find. This graduate school of pro wrestling is home to people who will be lighting up marquees for years to come, but now the doors are open to another person in need of a home.

Toys R Us is no longer a thing. We do live in a sad day and it was a crushing blow to the inner child in millions of people. Now their beloved mascot Geoffrey has no place to call his own, but thankfully Triple H is around.

Scott Fishman tweeted at Triple H saying: "Please sign Geoffrey the Giraffe to NXT or the WWE main roster. Has the size, charisma and good with the fans. He would be a great asset to your organization."

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This might have been totally a joke but it still shows the impact Toys R Us had on all of us. Even Triple H will miss this retail institution of American society. Triple H apparently thought Geoffrey would make a great student at the PC.

It's a shame Toys R Us' doors are closed and the blame can be pointed at a lot of things including mismanaging finances to a drastic degree, but the fact is Toys R Us will be a thing future generations will only hear about in stories about the past. At least Geoffrey has some career options in case he wants to become a Superstar.