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Triple H pushing for a Hispanic superstar in WWE

Paul Levesque (Triple H) is pushing heavily the idea for a top Hispanic superstar. Remember, the idea for Sin Cara was for him to be the next Rey Mysterio and that didn’t work out how they wanted. The feeling with Kalisto is that he is not the guy either even though he is very talented in the ring.

The type of guy they are looking for is a guy who can work and is 6-feet tall with a good body. They also would prefer a guy who is bi-lingual.

Alberto Del Rio could have been that guy but there were so many start and stop pushes with him and it probably hurt him in the eyes of fans. Del Rio was great for WWE when they would do shows in Latin American markets because he could speak to the fans in their language and had the type of look that the company likes.

The reason why WWE wants a top Hispanic star, besides for when they tour Latin American countries, is because a large segment of their fan base that watches Raw and Smackdown in the United States is Hispanic. It’s no secret that Eddie Guerrero’s segments on Smackdown in the early to mid 2000’s consistently drew more viewers than anything else on the shows. At the time some people would privately refer to him as the Mexican Steve Austin. Mysterio’s segments also did very well when he was on the roster full-time.

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