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Triple H reportedly got a demotion, no longer in charge of talent

There is an interesting story in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter about Paul “Triple H” Levesque getting a demotion back in December.

Dave Meltzer noted that after George Barrios and Michelle Wilson were fired, there were people in WWE who hinted that something almost as big happened in December but it was never made clear what it was.

A new SEC filing revealed this week that Triple H’s new job title is Executive Vice President, Global Talent Strategy and Development. This is considered a demotion by people in the company because his previous job title was the head of talent relations and he oversaw many departments as EVP of Talent, Live Events and Creative.

Triple H has been moved from his main duties and now his main role is to deal with NXT, selling NXT TV rights and overseeing and expanding NXT worldwide.

Meltzer noted that Brad Blum, Vince McMahon’s Chief of Staff, took over Triple H’s other duties as Executive Vice President of Operations. The change has been described by people in WWE as a “quiet demotion” and his new title gives off the impression that he’s negotiating with talent but he was removed from doing that. Mark Carrano now reports to Blum and not Triple H.

The fact that all of this was kept quiet until it was spotted in the SEC filing this week is interesting.


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