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Triple H says that he’s bringing the cell to Monday Night Raw

Michael Cole talks to Triple H in the latest weekly Wednesday interview.

Triple H talked about the rivalry between John Cena and Randy Orton. He said that when you’ve been in the ring that many times with an opponent that you know everything he’s gonna do and it’ll be interesting.

He said that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins know each other very well but they’ve nerver been inside that cell before and it changes who you are as a competitor. He said that it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Ambrose with that kind of pressure. He said Rollins doesn’t get rattled and he doesn’t panic so he’s not worried about Seth Rollins inside the cell, other than wondering if Seth will stop before it’s too late.

Triple H said that the cell will be there at Monday Night Raw and they will have their first opportunity to see it up close.

He also talked about Rusev vs. Big Show and said that he’s starting to feel sorry for Big Show. You can watch the interview below.

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