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Triple H sells more of his WWE stock



Triple H, real name Paul Levesque, decided this week to cash out a few million dollars in WWE stock as the stock market had a strong week.

The WWE Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy made two separate transactions. He sold ‘Class A’ shares in the company on August 26th & 27th.

According to SEC filings, the first transaction was for 45,388 shares with the price per share of $45.61. This gave him $2,070,146. The second transaction saw him sell 7419 shares with the price per share of $45.83 and that resulted in him earning $340,012.

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Overall, he earned $2,410,158 by selling those shares of stock. It should be noted that he still has 81325 shares left in the company, which is currently worth about $3.66 million.

It was noted in the filing that “Mr. Levesque will provide, upon request by the SEC staff, WWE or a shareholder of WWE, complete information regarding the number of shares sold at each price within the range.

“Mr. Levesque may also be deemed to be the indirect beneficial owner of shares of WWE common stock that are directly owned by his wife, Stephanie Levesque. Mr. Levesque disclaims beneficial ownership of those shares.”

You can check out the filings here.