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Triple H threatens Sting, says Brock Lesnar is nervous about Sunday’s title match

Triple sits down with Micahel Cole for the weekly interview.

Triple H says that John Cena and people associated with him always need help and Sting is starting to be a problem. Triple H says he doesn’t make a lot mistakes and if he wants to come after him then he’s making the biggest mistake and the next time Sting sticks his nose in his business then it’ll be the last time. Triple H says he doesn’t know what Sting’s problem is but maybe it’s an attempt to make himself relevant. He said again that if Sting does it again then it’ll be the last thing he ever does.

He then talked about the returing “fired” stars and Sunday’s Royal Rumble. Triple H talked about Brock Lesnar and said that Brock seemed nervous and was ready to attack Rollins on Monday even though he doesn’t fight for free. He said Rollins has gotten under his skin because it’s tough to see the future coming at him. Triple H said that dinosaurs went extinct because the faster, smaller, quicker, and smarter went to the top of the food chain and they were eventually gone.

Cole asked Triple H who he thinks will win the Royal Rumble match. Triple H said you can’t really tell because even the favorite can come in early and get eliminated early. He said that he doesn’t want to guess because there’s too many variables but he sees the future and it’s bright.

Check out the interview below:


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