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Triple H wants to end the WWE NXT pipeline to Raw/SmackDown as we know it

Triple H Vince McMahon NXT

WWE has posted a clip from "After The Bell with Corey Graves," the new podcast that launches tomorrow.

In the clip below, Graves asks Triple H what goes through his mind when he gets a call and is told that NXT wrestlers are being taken away from him and moving up to the main roster.

Triple H noted how he had to deal with Vince McMahon taking most of his women's division a couple of years ago. He says now considerations need to be made because there are longer-term plans in NXT.

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Graves asked if fans will see another Finn Balor-type situation. He said he would absolutely take talent from the main roster if there's an opportunity.

You can see the preview clip below. The podcast launches tomorrow on all major podcast apps on iOS and Android devices. On the first show, Graves will also be joined by guests Ric Flair, Bayley and Seth Rollins.