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Triple H was eager to bring Samoa Joe back to NXT after WWE released him



There had been rumblings last week that Samoa Joe could be brought back to WWE NXT after the company released him back in April due to budget cuts.

Dave Meltzer confirmed on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that Joe is returning to the company. There’s speculation as to what his role could be in NXT. provided some additional details on Joe coming back to WWE to work exclusively for the NXT brand. It was said that Triple H "snatched him back" as soon as possible because “Triple H was not happy [that WWE released Joe] and wanted him back in NXT as opposed to being elsewhere outside of WWE's auspices.”

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This makes sense as Triple H was the person who initially brought Joe to WWE in 2015 for NXT. Up to that point, WWE officials had no interest in signing Joe to a deal.

Originally, it was believed that Joe would just work in NXT and there were no plans to bring him up the main roster. So much so that Joe got a unique deal where he was able to continue working independent dates while also working in NXT. That led to him getting a traditional exclusive deal with WWE where he later became a top star and NXT Champion.

Joe hasn’t wrestled since February 2020 due to a history of concussions. While he was at the Performance Center at least once in recent weeks, he didn’t take any bumps.