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Triple H was not joking when he invited Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to Raw

Apparently, there is something to the recent mentions of Conor McGregor on WWE television. McGregor, who has had talks in the past with WWE, and Mayweather, who is friends with Triple H and worked an angle with Big Show in 2008 leading to a match at WrestleMania XXIV, are set to fight in what many are saying could be the biggest revenue-generating pay-per-view in history.

As we noted earlier this week, Triple H has invited Mayweather and McGregor to Monday Night Raw to help promote the fight. Clearly, they would love the rub because it would generate tons of publicity from WWE. It’s not clear if any talks have taken place but, according to the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, “the mentions of Conor McGregor on Raw this week were not coincidental, and things like that never are.”

On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, they mentioned that Enzo Amore went on Twitter and threatened to knock out McGregor if Mayweather could not get the job done. I had speculated that he said that because of previous comments from McGregor where he ripped the current talent roster but now it looks like the comments from Amore were planned to get attention.

McGregor is back in Ireland and the final media push will take place a week or so before the fight so, if WWE is able to get them then it would likely be sometime in late August.

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