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Triple H will appear on WWE Backstage, CM Punk will not be there

The @WWEonFox Twitter account announced today that Triple H will appear on tomorrow night’s episode of WWE Backstage.

However, do not hold your breath if you are expecting to see Punk and Triple H interact on the show because Punk will not be appearing on the show this week. Punk is a contributor for the show and his deal calls for him to appear on some episodes so he will not be appearing every week.

For everyone who has asked about Punk’s WWE status, Triple H confirmed over the weekend that there have been no talks with Punk. The door seems to be cracked open for him to return to the ring if he wants to but it looks like some hurdles have to be cleared before that happens. With that being said, there is no guarantee that he will ever return to the ring.

All of the trash talk from Seth Rollins last week towards Punk was something he was doing on his own and not something being done because a deal was imminent. As the old saying in wrestling goes…never say never and I would never rule out seeing Punk in a WWE ring again.

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