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Triple H's cardiac event was reportedly "very, very, very serious"



Triple H has yet to resume his duties at WWE NXT 2.0 and there is no word on when he might go back to work.

Dave Meltzer provided an update on Triple H's health issues during his appearance on the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast. Triple H has not been backstage at shows since his heart issues. He underwent heart surgery in September after a cardiac event. WWE has not given any more details on what exactly happened but WWE has said that it's expected that he is expected to make a full recovery.

Meltzer stated on Sunday Night's Main Event that Triple H's cardiac event was "very, very, very serious," according to a source.

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Last week in a post on the Wrestling Observer board, Meltzer responded to speculation about Triple H possibly leaving WWE to start his own wrestling company. Meltzer shot that down with this post: "He has serious health issues nor does he have the money to be able to start a company," Meltzer said, "This is much to do about nothing."

Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon told talkSPORT last week that her husband is "doing great" but she did not elaborate more on his health issues.

In September, it was reported that WWE was keeping quiet on Triple H's condition and talent was told that they could wish him well but they were not to talk about WWE business with him. Shawn Michaels is currently running things backstage at NXT 2.0 every week.

Just over a week ago, Triple H was spotted with the rest of McMahon family as they were touring the new WWE Headquarters building. You can see the video at this link.

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