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Triple H’s vision for NXT, Cleveland NXT show already sold out

Paul Levesque (Triple H) said on Wednesday’s NXT conference call that they are looking at making NXT a touring brand. They would run smaller venues like they do now for their TV show. The upcoming show in Columbus, Ohio is already sold out. We also got word today that the show in Cleveland is sold out as well because there were no tickets available at The idea is that they would tour every weekend. He also talked about having more wrestlers that aren’t being used and moving down to NXT and work there.

He said, “If you’ve been on the main roster for six or seven years, and you need a refresh, this is a great opportunity to put a guy, and have it not seen as a demotion, to go back down here with looser guidelines and come back up fresher.”

He also talked about selling shows to local promoters. Triple H noted that NXT was his vision and the main WWE brand was Vince McMahon’s vision. I think many (if not all fans of NXT) would say that Triple H’s vision is much better and refreshing compared to the stale product being put out every week on USA and SyFy.

I hope Vince takes at least some ideas from the NXT shows. The women can be promoted much better on WWE TV. Charlotte said in an interview recently that her goal is to main event a pay-per-view. If anything, as Ronda Rousey has shown in UFC, women can be a draw if they are promoted the right way so they can be taken seriously.


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