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Triple H seems open to CM Punk returning to WWE

CM Punk seems open to talking to anyone if the money is right and now it looks like WWE is open to the idea.

“Nothing to say other than you never say never in WWE,” Triple H told Sky Sports when he was asked about Punk.

Triple H added, “Any time anybody goes ‘that’ll never happen’, sooner or later it ends up being wrong maybe. The desire has to be there on both sides. I don’t know if it is on his (Punk’s), and I don’t know where we would be if that desire was brought up to us.”

“The past is the past, you move on and everybody puts things behind them. If there is an opportunity to do business, Vince (McMahon) has said it a million times, we’re open for business.”

He said it really comes down to what Punk wants to do and it all boils down to if anyone has the desire to do it and if the desire is there then there can be a conversation.

It seems like almost everyone who has been on bad terms with WWE in the past ends up doing business with them again and perhaps, CM Punk will be the next one to return to the company.

Although Punk has been in talks with FOX to be a part of the WWE Backstage show on Fox Sports 1, he noted that he has not spoken with anyone at WWE. So no deal has been reached for him to return to the ring.

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